Members Introduction

Affiliation to the Union is in three categories

1. Member Societies (National and International) for a list click here
2. Associate Societies (National and International) for a list click here
3. Supporting Organizations

Membership in the first two categories is open to societies or institutions having major interests and activities in microbiology, having a membership of at least 20 microbiologists and holding at least one open scientific meeting a year. Membership in the third category is open to other organizations or individuals interested in the aims of the Union.

Member Societies are recognized in two groupings within the Union: (1) National Member Societies, together with their National Committees and National Academies (2) International Member Societies, including the Divisions of the Union. Member Societies have the privileges of representation and voting in Union governance and the obligation of financial support for central Union affairs.

National and international scientific societies may also affiliate with the Union as an Associate Society, which involves only cooperation for the objectives of the Union without governance privileges or financial obligations.

The term Supporting Organizations is used to mean industrial companies and foundations, individual trusts and foundations and other bodies of individuals similarly interested in supporting the objectives of the Union. A Supporting Organization shall not have governance privileges but shall be accorded such other privileges and benefits as the Executive Board may direct.

Individuals are not open for membership of the Union

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